Tree Planting
Rights of Way

As part of our wide ranging countryside contracting we undertake several Rights of Way contracts. The country's rights of way network is extensive and cover lots of landowners estates. From Public Footpaths, Bridleways and Restricted Byways to way-marked routes these are often in need of summer maintenance to ensure public access is safe and accessible.

We maintain over 50,000m of Somerset's Right's of Way. We also have contracts for other organisations to ensure the grasses and weeds are kept short and the encroaching vegetation. Along with the vegetation we also maintain the stiles. gates and other furniture. Part of this work is making the wooden Public Footpath or Bridleway 'fingerposts'.

Pedestrian flail, woodland path cutting

We also maintain over 10KM  of cycle paths across Somerset. These require different standards to the footpaths and so we develop different working patterns, conditions and teams for the work we undertake. We recognise each client has different needs, a different environment and a different end use - these therefore all require different working criteria so our working methodology is adapted to suit your needs.  


We can supply and install a range of fencing from standard stock fencing, post and rail and temporary deer fencing. We use two types of post driver - the traditional tractor mounted driver and a mini-digger mounted vibrating driver depending on site access and conditions.

  Fencing on the Quantock Hills

Deer fencing in a forest, Taunton

Fencing with hedge planting and standard trees