Tree Planting
Rights of Way

Wood-Land Southwest specialises in developing new woodlands. From pre-planning, design, Woodland Creation Grant applications, species selection to the size and numbers of trees.

Projects run from small private woodlands for clients looking to provide a more sustainable fuelwood supply on their own land to larger organisations or estates with commercial tree planting their goal. From the concept stage we work with you to develop your proposal through the planning stages, including Forestry Commission Woodland Creation Grant applications if appropraite - to site preparation, supply and planting of the trees to ongoing maintenance to establish the woodland.

Other tree and shrub planting projects include landscape tree planting, often using larger (standard) trees to hedge planting or trees for screening.

We work with you to ensure the appropriate species of tree or shrubs are planted with consideration to overall numbers, sizes and of course long-term vision for the treescape. 

Please contact with your ideas or proposals